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About Membership in ASDAH

Open Membership

Join us if you support the Mission, Vision, and Values of ASDAH, and your work and/or personal life as a professional or advocate is in alignment with the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Principles. Please review this information prior to applying for membership to confirm your commitment to promoting wellness in a manner that does not judge, place value on, or use weight as a proxy for health.

Inclusive Membership

To reflect the organization’s commitment to inclusion and removing barriers to joining, membership is not restricted by capacity to pay. Membership fee payments are the predominant source of funding for ASDAH’s work. ASDAH’s annual membership fee is $100, and we encourage those who hold multiple privileged identities (e.g. race, ability, SES, gender, etc.) to contribute at or above this level.

The ASDAH Leadership Team is focusing on increasing equity in our organization and more closely aligning our work with our values. Some ways we’re doing this is by offering memberships at no cost for Black, Indigenous, and/or other People of Color (BIPOC) and income-based scholarships, as well as working towards paying for the labor of the ASDAH Leadership Team, who are increasingly BIPOC, fat, and/or LGBTQIA+ individuals. Your donations and membership fees are vital to continue this work!

In the last year, ASDAH provided over 180 partial and full scholarships and began paying two leadership roles. Your financial donation in addition to the membership fee helps us expand our reach and support even more people with the Health at Every Size® model and ASDAH community. Join or donate today!

ASDAH Scholarship Eligibility & Application

ASDAH is proud to offer scholarships at several payment levels with the goals of equity and inclusion. Below is the eligibility criteria. The scholarship application process is embedded in the membership application.

ASDAH offers full scholarships to any Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color (BIPOC) regardless of income level. The ASDAH organization has upheld white supremacy in many forms, and it is evident in our historical leadership racial representation, membership representation, and many, if not all, of the ways we have advocated for HAES that center white people and whiteness. As part of our ongoing work to change this culture, we offer this scholarship as one form of reparation.

All people who identify as one or more of the racial and ethnic identities under the BIPOC umbrella are welcome to apply for a no cost membership, including Latinx/e/a/o people and mixed race people with white as one of their racial identities. At the same time, we ask applicants to consider white-passing and light-skinned privileges when selecting their membership level to stay in right relationship with our community.

In addition, to account for the many known and unknown oppressions that affect income and financial status, we offer the following income-based scholarships. These are based on US standards and definitions, but we hope by using percent poverty, those applying from other countries can roughly translate the guidelines to their circumstances.

Income Level Membership Fee (USD)
Less than or equal to $26,000 annual household income (approximately 100% US Poverty Rate) $0
 Between $26,000 and $39,000 annual household income (approximately 100-150% US Poverty Rate) $20.00
 Between $39,000 and $52,000 annual household income (approximately 150-200% US Poverty Rate) $50.00
 Between $52,000 and $78,000 annual household income (approximately 200-300% US Poverty Rate) $75.00
 Over $78,000 (approximately over 300% US Poverty Rate) $100.00 (full rate)

Scholarship Eligibility Summary

Member Application Vetting Process

The membership application process includes a manual review, so there may be a short delay between confirmation of payment and activation of membership. ASDAH completes this review in an effort to ensure that individuals who are not committed to size inclusivity in their work or advocacy do not enter our ASDAH community. This process, in part, is to protect your information in the member directory and our member-only areas from people with ill intent.

The information that you provide on this membership application will be used only in our internal membership records and in the member directory. You can restrict any information shown in the member directory in your profile. Your information is only accessible to ASDAH administrators, ASDAH members (only fields you select), and is password-protected.


The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is committed to the practice of Health at Every Size® (HAES®) principles

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